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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

korbyn is off of Oxygen!!!!

What a cute little man...he loves his bumbo..thankx aunt Jodi!!! What a handsome man without oxygen!!!!

i can not believe i have not shared this exciting news sooner....I have been pretty busy the last few weeks... if u didn't know Jodi and troy went to Beijing for the paraolympics...Jodi and troy were wanting to go, and hadn't found a babysitter for their two adorable kiddos, Brooklyn and Brigham...So i volunteered....It was defiantly interesting having three kids, especially with korbyn being so demanding and use to having his mommy all the time... But i did awesome... Jodi's kids were so good...Brooklyn was such a big helper...she loved holding korbyn and even got him to go to sleep one day as i made lunch for all the kids...i was impressed, and Brooklyn felt like such a big was the cutest thing ever... Brigham is a good kid all the time... i was amazed, Jodi told me he likes xgames, but i really didn't know how much he was into it... i figured it out one day... Jodi had tivo-ed it for him, and i happened to turn it on for him... he sat on the couch for an hour just in awe...then he found his skateboard and started doing tricks... he is amazing for a 2 year old...Jodi, i think this kids going to go pro...the cutest thing was when he would do a trick he wanted me to watch and then when he was done he would say, "show mommy" or "show daddy.." They both missed their mom and dad a ton...and it was so cute when jodi got home...her kids just ran circles around her and wouldn't leave her trick was to keep them busy so they wouldn't miss mommy and daddy to much and get to sad...we played games, visited aunt Laura, went to the water park, ran threw the sprinklers almost everyday, had art time, watched Dora,and had a few play dates with my neighbors kiddos....we had a blast...thank you Jodi for sharing ur kids with me...i was so sad i couldn't find my camera while they were staying with us...there were a few times, i could of caught some good shots...

So as u know i am pretty dang excited for this to Finlay happen...korbyn has been off oxygen since September 12th...i wasn't sure when this day would come... it is so nice to not have to lug around the annoying tank.... we will not miss those days!!!! I had a doctors appt...with his pulmanologist (lung doctor) on sept 2nd...they said they would send home a pulse oxsimiter to do a study, of korbyns breathing threw the night...i was so excited, but nervous at the same time...what if he doesn't pass...???how long will we have this oxygen leash???? we got the device to do the test on the 4th....and they picked it up bright and early on the 5th...for the next 7 days i had to anticipate the answer...i called the doctors office like 3 times to see if the doctor had read the readings...Finlay Friday September 12th on my way to the water park...i decided to call again...i was so Happy and excited when his nurse said KORBYN PASSED!!!!! it was amazing...we got to go to the water park without oxygen...thank you guys for praying for my little man...they have been answered...thank u guys for all of ur support....

Korbyn never had his oxygen in his nose...i always had to fix it....

Sleeping peaceful baby!!!

Korbyn doing his oxygen test!!!

my handsome man!!!!

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Jodi Davis said...

We are so proud of you, Korbyn! And so happy for you all of you that you don't have to worry about it anymore. YEAH!